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Now I see, Now I see



Dear Friends,
I trust you are doing well and looking forward to Sunday. I know the following is long, but its worth your time in reading!
Allen and Helen Christopherson, natives of Saskatchewan, Canada, were married in 1960. They were not Christians. Allen needed a job and found work on a crew cleaning out beer storage tanks. It didn’t pay much but the beer was free. Many employees became alcoholics.
Sometime in 1967, Allen and Helen got a babysitter to stay with their children, a boy and a girl, so they could have a date night. At the downtown theater, they saw a Billy Graham movie called “The Restless Ones.” As they sat there watching the guy on the screen deal with his problems and heard the witness given to him, they were moved. And when the actor was listening to Billy Graham preach on the radio, as he prayed to be saved, Allen and Helen held hands and prayed along with him. When the movie ended, they brought up the house lights and a man in a dark suit walked out on stage and gave an invitation for people to be saved.
No one responded to the invitation, but outside in their little VW Beetle, Allen and Helen held hands and prayed for the Lord to lead them in this new life they had begun. The Lord led Allen to change jobs and become a welder, and He led them to a wonderful church where the pastor was committed to starting new churches. Over the years, he used the Christophersons to birth a number of new churches. Now, fast-forward a full generation.
Franklin Graham was coming to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan for a crusade. Festivals, he calls them. And a steering committee had been assembled to oversee the planning and details. Allen Christopherson was asked to serve. At their first meeting, a man stood at the microphone and introduced himself. “They’ve asked me to chair this committee,” he said. “But first, before we get started, I wonder if two or three of you would like to come to the mic and tell the rest of us about the impact of the Billy Graham ministry upon your life.”
Allen Christopherson sits there thinking, “No one wants to hear me. I’m just a welder.” Next thing you know, he’s standing at that mic telling of the time in 1967 when he and his wife went to the Billy Graham movie in their city and gave their hearts to Christ. “Since then, we’ve helped to start a number of new churches,” he said. “Our son Jeff is a church planter in Toronto. Our daughter married a preacher and they are missionaries to South America, down there starting new churches.” He paused and added, “Heaven only knows how many people are in the kingdom because my wife and I went to a movie in 1967.” And he sat down.
There was silence for a minute, then an old man walked up the aisle to the microphone. He said, “Folks, my name is Tom Dice. I’m a retired counselor here in the area. In 1967, God told me to bring The Restless Ones to our city. I rallied my family and friends and we put it on at the local theater. Night after night after the movie, I walked out on that platform and gave a public invitation for people to be saved. But night after night, no one came. When the week was over, not one person had responded to the invitation. And from that time to this, I had not heard of one person who was touched by our showing that Billy Graham movie.”
“Many’s the time,” he said, “since that I’ve wondered if maybe I was mistaken, if maybe the Lord did not tell me to bring that movie to our city.” He paused and wiped away a tear, and said, “But now I see.”
Allen Christopherson got up and walked to the front and these two old men began hugging on each other. You could hear Tom Dice saying over and over, “Now I see. Now I see.”
Dear dear friends of MBC, let's keep on being faithful, trusting and waiting on the Lord. Time and eternity will reveal the results of our faithfulness.
See you this Sunday in person or on line.
In the light of His glory and grace,
Pastor Doug