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I will seek the one I love. (Song of Solomon 3:2 NKJV)


Ealry on in my carrer I worked the evening shift in a chemical engineering plant in Wilmington, Delaware. During this time I was also courting Pauline, who became my wife, I know, I am a romantic! and one night she borrowed my car and was going to pick me up when my shift was done. A deep fog had settled over the area, limiting visibility to a few hundred feet. As I waited at the gate of the plant, I sensed something was wrong. My very dependable future wife had not come. In those days before cell phones, I could not call her. All I could do was to pray fervently and wait impatiently.

At that time we were studying the Song of Solomon together. We praised God for the beauties of sexual love which one day soon would be ours to enjoy, after our wedding. Standing at the gate, I identified with the Shulamite in Chapter 3 who could not find her lover and went about the streets seeking him. She asked the night watchman, but he had not seen her friend. Eventually she found her lover. Similarly Pauline made her way through the fog to pick me up, what a relief when I saw her driving up to the gate. Her delay made our time more enjoyable this time.

 Separated from my lover on a foggy night.

Unable to find each other was our terrible plight.

But by God’s grace we connected again,

Like the Shulamite, after searching, embraced her friend.

 Times of separation make us appreciate coming together again.