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Pat Chambers



Dear Friends,
I trust you are doing well and looking forward to Sunday.
This past Tuesday August 24th, in Bridgeton, NJ we buried Connie’s 95 year old mother, Pat Chambers. For the past 48 years she was my mother-in-law. The memorial service was a fitting tribute to a wonderful, Godly woman, who I had no difficulty calling “Mom” and grew to love.  Our entire family put aside their schedules and attended the service. The expense of attending was a secondary issue as everyone wanted to be there. I told my children, “You will never regret spending the money!” At the funeral home in a private time with the family we gathered around the casket and I spoke to my 15 grandkids reminding them that “GramPat” is in heaven. Before us in the casket was simply her body. She is in heaven because at the age of 8 while attending First Baptist Church in Vineland, NJ on July 22, 1934 she was “born again” when she trusted Jesus Christ as her Savior. That was something that “Grammy” and “Grandaddy” are praying that each of them will do.  
On Wednesday we all left to head home – some in the morning, some that night. For those who left later in the day we went to Philadelphia and visited Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, Christ Church and Congress Hall. At Christ Church cemetery we saw the graves of a number of men who signed the Declaration of Independence. Among them was the grave of Benjamin Franklin. One grave had etched on it the following: “In Memory of Mrs Elizabeth Sims…who departed this life the 30th Day of May 1798 aged 57 years. And left her disconsolate husband to mourn her loss in humble hope that he shall hereafter meet her again in a better world where sin and sorrow will be no more.”
That is our hope for Mom. She is now in heaven and we wait in humble hope that we shall meet her again in a better world where sin and sorrow will be no more. 
Both Connie and I want to thank our wonderful Midvalley Family for praying for us during this past month. Patricia Mae Chambers' death did not catch us by surprise but we will miss her greatly. 
See you this Sunday in person or online
In the light of His glory and grace,
Pastor Doug