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Portrait of a Good Servant



This weekend we return to our sermon series, today will be our 18th sermon on “God's Blueprint for the Church.” This Sunday’s message is called “Portrait of a Good Servant.” What does it mean to be a good servant, what are some of the qualifications, and expectations?


William Carey was a shoe cobbler by trade before he went to India as a missionary. He kept a map of India in his shop, stopping every so often to study and pray over it. Sometimes, because of his preaching ministry, his shoe business suffered.

One day a friend admonished him for neglecting his business. “Neglecting my business?” said Carey, looking at him intently. “My business is to extend the kingdom of God. I only cobble shoes to pay expenses.”

No matter what your occupation, every Christian should have Carey’s mentality: “My real business is to extend God’s kingdom; I just work to pay expenses.”

This Sunday, we will continue to look at Paul's exhortation to a young preacher named Timothy.

What he says applies to every Christian, like William Carey, we all should see our main business as serving God.

If you are unable to attend, you may watch the service on-line at our YouTube channel.