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older people excersing

Finally, brethren, whatever things are true…meditate on these things.

Philippians 4:8 NKJV

Have you ever bought a pair of shoes without trying them on first? As we grow we learn to make adjustments in our lives, and also in our Christian lives. I remember a very specific adjustment I had to make because of my auto accident; I had fractured my clavicle.

Hoping it would heal on its own, the medical staff installed a chin brace around my neck. The purpose of the brace was to provide proper alignment of my skeletal structure. The first brace they tried was too large and irritated my neck. Adjustments were made at the Care Center to help my brace fit properly. This helped some but problems remained as I attempted to do the things I had done before my accident. Many of life’s adjustments can feel out of place and as if they don’t fit. This is part of the adjustment process, but it still remains a very important and at times painful process.

Over two months passed before they finally removed my brace. Because the skeletal structure became fixed, I could not raise my head to the level I once did. Twisting my head caused me pain. I would try to write things on a calendar on the kitchen wall and at first they were illegible. My wife often reminded me to raise my head because it required a conscious effort on my part to do so. I did not feel comfortable driving because I did not have full visibility of the road ahead.

This experience reminded me of my Christian life in that my thought life needs to be aligned with God’s. God cannot do His Work until we confess our sin and do the practices of Philippians 4:8.

Like a brace that’s not aligned,

Writhing in pain I moaned and pined.

Aligning with God in worship and prayer,

Gave me peace in a place of despair.

When we let our thought life cause us to sin, WE are the ones who need to get back in line with God.


When did misalignment cause a problem in your life?