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Take up his cross daily and follow me. Luke 9:23

The road to recovery is long, arduous, and yes hard. However God is always in control, even after a major tragedy or accident. I am living proof of Hi attention and his greatness. After my auto accident I received some innovative treatments that helped me to recover. People went out of their way to help me.

A famous plastic surgeon travelled from IMC Hospital to the Care Center, going above and beyond to check on his work. He knew my skin condition was unusual and precarious. He had placed skin grafts from a donor on my legs. Another doctor, the Chief Wound Care Specialist, was willing to try experimental techniques which fortunately worked on me. She placed New Zealand honey on my legs which helped them to heal. This replaced the standard bacitracin/water treatment as an irrigation system for my legs. 

Christ too urged His followers to go beyond their call to duty, to take up their cross and follow him, even to new frontiers.

Going beyond our call to duty

Is often a thing of beauty.

Whether in service to our brother

Or called by Christ to serve another. 

Going beyond our call to duty provides benefits to ourselves and others.


 Discuss when you have been called to try something new or uncertain.