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Reaping Great Rewards!



Dear Precious Saints of MBC,
I trust you are doing well and looking forward to this coming Lord's Day  
Dr. John Ed Mathiston was the pastor of Frazier Memorial United Methodist Church in Montgomery, Alabama. A number of years ago he told his congregation the following story: about kindness.
"Not long ago, a man from the Middle East walked into a new car showroom and asked to speak with a particular salesperson.  The receptionist called for him, the fellow walked to the front, and they greeted each other. The foreigner said, "I'd like to buy some trucks." Some trucks. That caught the sales guy's attention. "What did you have in mind, sir?" "I want to buy 750 heavy duty trucks and 250 pickups."
The salesman is stunned.  Surely someone is pulling a prank.  This cannot be happening.
The Middle Easterner pulls out a letter of credit with a huge American bank.  It is legitimate. This is the real deal.
The salesman says, "Sir, you know you can go to Detroit and buy those trucks at a huge discount."
The customer said,"Sir, ten years ago I was a college student in your city.  Being from the Middle East made it hard for Americans to befriend me.  I soon discovered you have to have a car in America, so I came to you.  I picked out a car.  You said to me, 'I can sell you that car and I'll make a nice commission. But you would not be happy with it.  It's more car than you need.' So you sold me a smaller car.  It was the nicest thing anyone in America had ever done for me.  And I decided I would repay you when I got a chance.  So, I want to buy one thousand trucks through you."
That story is a great reminder that sometimes small acts of kindness reap great rewards.  But whether they do or do not, doing right is always the right thing to do.
See you on Sunday on line!
I the light of His glory and grace, 
Pastor Doug