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Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatsoever a man sows that he will also reap (Galatians 6:7, NKJV)

Finally, the weather is slowly warming up and summer is just a few months away. I love summer; it still is a very special time for me. As a young child I loved to spend time outside in the sun, enjoying the wonders of God’s creation. Unfortunately, I was a fair-skinned lad who loved going to beaches with my family.

I especially enjoyed the beaches north and south of Boston such as Lynn, Nahant and Nantucket.  In my youth I also spent time at various lakes in north-central Massachusetts. Warm and humid weather coupled with my being neither buoyant nor strong convinced me to go shirtless when swimming. I never used much suntan lotion either. My short-term consequences for sowing these seeds of bad behavior caused me to suffer numerous sunburns.

I reaped longer-term consequences since I retired at age 64; now I am 86. As one Bible teacher put it, “We reap more than we sow”. I began experiencing numerous types of cancers at various locations in my body such as my head, arms, legs, back and chest. Over a dozen doctors, dermatologists and/or cancer specialists tested me every 3 to 6 months; and more often than not they did find cancers.

My body has been cut, exposed to liquid nitrogen, and covered with creams; the cancers went away for a while but then returned. I received treatments from MOHS specialists to assure that all the cancer had been removed, but no unnecessary skin taken. Technicians placed me in a PETSCAN (Positron Emission Spectroscopy) machine to assure that no internal organs in my body fed my skin cancers. These experiences helped me more clearly understand how sowing and reaping appear in my Christian life.

Sunburns sowed in childhood fun,

Cancer seeds had then begun.

In later years the reaper came

Harvesting cancers with me to blame.

Sowing sunburns in a fair-skinned body reaps cancer in later life. 


What have you sown as a child that you reaped as an adult?

Did this illustrate the principle we reap more than we have sown?  Explain.