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Go away from me, Lord, for I am sinful man. (Luke 5:8 NIV)

I tutored Matt, during his junior year in high school; he spent five months in our home. He lacked the necessary foundational knowledge in algebra resulting in a D in geometry for his last quarter. His was a true statistic his poor self-assessment and esteem, grew from years being raised by a single parent and being part of the welfare system. He thought he just couldn’t do math, he was not smart enough!

Yet he was willing and allowed us to work with him. To keep him accountable we created a small contract for us to help him, and as a result of our contract, he committed himself to a half hour of study each day. I tutored him patiently, lovingly and diligently until he was able to understand each concept. As the days passed, He worked through geometry problems with increasing confidence.

Gradually his self-assessment changed. He learned the necessary discipline, hard work, and willingness. Matt accepted help and encouragement. He could do Geometry. The big test came during the next term; Matt earned the highest grade in his class on several tests and proudly showed me an A on his report card.

This story reminded me of the Apostle Peter’s self-assessment as a disciple of Jesus Christ. The one who told Jesus to go away in Luke 5:8 became Peter, leader of the early church (Acts 2). Jesus had trained him to realize his dependence on God.

I looked at myself through Scripture’s eyes.

What God can do through me I now realize.

I sought training to do the Master’s work.

Confidence in God I cannot shirk.

 Let’s look at ourselves through the eyes of God.