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You are our epistle written in our hearts, known and read by all men.                          (2 Corinthians 3:2 NKJV)

We never know how we are impacting others, through our actions, words and everyday life; particularly our children. We always leave a mark on those we interact with, and we create memories, some better than others. “Memory is like a PowerPoint slide show.” My son Daniel was speaking to his community group in Midland, Texas on Father’s Day”. “Recalling the experiences of my childhood, one of the most vivid pictures in my imaginary slide show is of my dad sitting at the kitchen table as he began his day. On the table was his open Bible and Our Daily Bread devotional booklet. What caption would you give this slide? I might call it ‘beginning the new day.’”

“This picture has had more impact on my life than all the sermons I have heard on the importance of Bible study. It launched me on a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and a life of service to Him. We enjoy the privilege of having my parents with us tonight. This Father’s Day I say, ‘Thank you, Dad.’”

I sat there overwhelmed by what God had done through me. I reflected on how my unconscious actions often shape the behavior of others more than any words I may say.

I suspect the Apostle Paul may have had a similar reaction as he penned Second Corinthians. He told those in the church in Corinth that they were his letter which communicated God’s truths to others. As such they were an epistle that everyone could read inscribed on the Apostle’s heart without Paul’s saying anything.

My life is a PowerPoint slide show;

Images that my friends may know.

The love of Jesus I would show.

Forward on His way I would go.

The living epistles of Paul’s day correspond to the PowerPoint slides of our life today.