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This Week's Message - How to Handle a Crisis

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3 misconceptions about the Coronavirus Pandemic;
1 - This problem will be over quickly -  probably not.  Life is going to be different for some time to come
2.  This has never happened before - NO - pandemics have happened in the past and are even found in the Bible
3.  This will increase the number of deaths - No - we are all going to die.  We are all under the penalty of death because of sin.  Doesn't mean we don't do all we can to prolong life - love life - protect life - but death is a reality.
How do we respond in these difficult times? during a crisis!
King Jehosophat in 2 Chronicles 20 gives us a model of how to respond:
#1  Determine that we are going to pray and not panic
Seek God - pray claiming the promises of God
#2  We go into the battle singing and with Joy and refuse to flee!  God has not give to us a spirit of fear...
#3  We realize that God is in control.
1.  God does not have to deliverer us to prove His faithfulness
2.  God uses crisis's to give us an opportunity to declare our witness
3.  God is most glorified when we look beyond this world to the next
4.  A far greater virus inflicting mankind is the deadly virus of sin - unlike covid-19  there is a cure and that cure is found in the Lover of Jesus Christ
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