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To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1

Accidents are inevitable yet a way of life. We don’t plan for them, we mostly react to them, and this is what was required of us due after our car accident and our lengthy recovery. We planned to go home after a 6-week hospital and rehabilitation stay at a Care Center; we realized there would be many changes waiting us at home. Away from home our top priorities were rest, recuperation, and rehabilitation. My wife and I consciously decided not to take sensitive or expensive material to our Care Centers during our recovery. Thus we did not take our computer (with all our emails and financial records), or in-depth Bible study materials.

At the Care Center I did read through the important mail and take action. I paid the bills that were due. And did personal Bible study reflecting on what God might be teaching me. Some things were urgent, others had to wait.

When we returned home, the real hard work began. I sorted through 365 emails and I made sure to respond and take action on each one. Some bills were waiting; others had been paid. We focused on what needed to be done regarding emails and finances. We prioritized this backlog according to its importance and urgency.

So many things after six weeks not home.

Keep now your focus, don’t let it roam.

Do the important one by one.

All will be taken care of; all will be done.

When life’s interruptions come, the important must be done first.


How have you done time management when you were ill?