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Troubling Trends

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Dear Members and Friends, 
I trust you are doing well and looking forward to our service this coming Lord's Day!  
Earlier this week I received an email from the Christian Medical & Dental Associations. For 13 years I worked for and represented CMDA as a regional director. It is a much needed organization for Christian physicians and serves as the Voice for Christian Doctors. Currently they have 19,000 members across the country and student chapters on 95% of the medical schools and 70% of dental schools. My job was to assist the student and grad chapter leaders in their ministry and recruit members. I loved the work and travel during my time with the organization. 
The email however reminded me of a disturbing threat out there within the healthcare profession that is flying very much below the radar. The threat is simply this: Today, medical professionals and students can be dismissed from their positions for refusing to do a procedure that goes against their conscience.   For example, in some schools, if during rotations a medical student refuses to assist or observe an abortion they can be dismissed. If a doctor refuses to prescribe to an underage girl contraceptions or give a referral for an abortion they can lose their jobs. As a result, national polling indicates that nine of 10 faith-based healthcare professionals are prepared to leave healthcare altogether if forced to choose between conscience and career. Several years back the federal government passed a law protecting the student and physician from being dismissed but some states - i.e. New York - passed laws requiring doctors to perform procedures and prescribe prescriptions that go against their conscience. Currently these cases are making their way through the courts and so far those who believe in the "right of conscience" are losing! As the email said so perfectly: 
"If Christians who know God's design for life, marriage, sexual relationships and sanctity of human life don't advocate for what is right, public policy will be left to those who either don't know God's design or deliberately rebel against it." 
I share this as a reminder that we must speak up and be the voice of righteousness during these troubling times.   
I pray that God will continue to give us the courage to do just that!
See you Sunday!
In the light of His glory and grace,
Pastor Doug