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Who is in Charge? Elders!



Today we continue with our sermon series “God's Blueprint for the Church.” Our 9th message, Who is in Charge? Elders! We focus on God’s design and the different roles within the church and who is responsible for the different ministries and areas of the church.

Ask the average American Christian, “Who’s in charge of the church?” and most would answer, “The pastor is.” As such many American pastors are burning out or dropping out because they’re overwhelmed with the responsibility of running the church (in many cases, the church is running them!).

They feel like a chipmunk running inside the spinning cage-wheel, getting nowhere except exhausted. As a church grows, the pastor’s role often changes imperceptibly into a business manager rather than a pastor-teacher. Additionally, most American churches are run like American government.

Democracy is assumed. Members have a vote and they use that vote to exercise control. If they don’t like the way the pastor or the church board is doing things, they organize a movement to vote them out of office.

That’s the American way! But it’s not necessarily the biblical way. This Sunday we need to answer clearly from the Bible, “Who is in charge of the church?”

If you are unable to attend, you may watch the service on-line at our YouTube channel.