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Who is Jesus Christ?

I am the way-resized


Who is Jesus Christ? This question has been asked many many times. Even during Jesus' life, many asked, Who is Jesus? Is He reallty the Son of God, Is He the messiah?  Is He the chosen one?

Today we're going dive deeper into this topic and discuss who Jesus is and how we can present him to other?

John Newton, a former English slave trader is best know for his hymn "Amazing Grace." Another hymn that he wrote, which is not as well known, contains the following lines:

What think ye of Christ is the test,
to try both your state and your scheme.
You cannot be right in the rest,
unless you think rightly of Him.
Newton was spot on. The answer to the question, "Who is Jesus of Nazareth?" forms the foundation for all Christian truth. This Sunday we will look at that most basic question.