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Trust in the Lord with all thy heart and lean not unto thine own understanding. Proverbs 3:5. KJV

The car shopping experience can be a very daunting and time consuming process. However we all need reliable and affordable transportation. The hard part is how we arrive at a decision on which car to get, how much to spend, what features to have, etc.

Throughout life I have been conservative in my financial decisions. When purchasing a car I consult the Consumer Report’s Buying Guide. I assess my family needs and look at the appropriate ratings. Then I tour the dealers and look for the best car that meets my needs. I also solicit the advice of friends who I feel have expertise in knowledge about automobiles.

Because of my accident in which my car was totaled, I had no car to trade in or means of transportation to go shopping. For this reason I needed to rely on friends. Another factor was that now that my wife and I were octogenarians, we needed to estimate our life expectancies.

Should we get a new car and avoid other people’s problems or get a used one and spend less money? What is the best way to exercise the stewardship God has called us to? Sometimes we feel like God leaves us hanging, especially when we dodge or delay making up our minds because we expect Him to make our decisions for us.

So many options in buying a car,

Searching for wisdom from near and from far,

Searching God’s Word, wanting His voice.

But he has granted me freedom of choice. 

Some decisions are not clear cut and God wants us to choose.


How do you go about making a major purchase?