As we continue with our social distancing actions and to service our church body, Pastor Doug will continue to share God's Word with us Sundays at 10:30 A.M. via our YouTube Channel.

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Midvalley Leadership

Midvalley Leadership

Senior Pastor

Doug Hornok

Pastor Doug-resized-A



 Elders- Gary Mauch

Gary Mauch

Elders- Harry Hoover

Harry Hoover     

Elders- Matt Gunter 

Matt Gunter

Elders-Chuck Hobbs

Chuck Hobs

 Elders-Nick Fuller

Nick Fuller



Deacons- Dave Baize

David Baize

Deacons- Larry Taft

Larry Taft

Deacons- Tim Wright

Tim Wright 

Deacons- Nathan Hornock

 Nathan Hornok

Deacons- Ralph Delgado

 Ralph Delgado

Deacons- Luis Garcia\

Luis Garcia 

Deacons- Zane Saunders

 Zane Saunders

Deacons- Herb Hepner

Herb Heppner