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Next Week’s Message: Our Greatest Challenge


What do we as the congregation of Midvalley Bible Church think is the greatest threat to our church?...

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Next Week’s Message: Love Never Fails

love-never fails

Do we fail? Yes we do, we are not perfect, but God's love never fails!...

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Let's Make the Church Together!


Let's work together to make sure the church truly reflects the love of God, to all, not just a few!...

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A Click of the Mouse!


What will our internet search history reveal about us? What if it were made public? Will we be comfortable with our spouses reading about our search patterns? What about our children?...

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Next Week’s Message: Love always Perseveres


What does it mean love always perseveres? How can love persevere? What do I need to do to make my love persevere?...

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Life is Precious


What is pro-life? How many children must be sacrificed before we recognize this is wrong? We must protect the innocent. ...

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Next Week’s Message: A Model Church ~ 2 Thessalonians


What is a good church? Is there such a thing as a good church? How can I tell if I am in a good church?...

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This Sunday At Midvalley

This Sunday Journey with John to Jesus Sunday School Class Introduced by Jim Thacher and Taught by Gifted and Godly Men of Midvalley John 15 Just this last weekend we were told of an attack on Pakistani Christians celebrating Easter. While claiming responsibility (not just accepting it) the Islamic leader disavowed any intent to kill women and children (political cor...

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Reporting for Prayer Duty!


How strong is your prayer life? Are you a prayer warrior? How can you become a prayer warrior?...

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Next Week’s Message: Love Always Hopes ~ 1 Corinthians 13:7


Love always hopes, love does not give up. Love always should always bring the best in us. Love is the ultimate optimist....

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