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“Be thou faithful unto death"


“Be thou faithful unto death.”

Isaiah 6

Taught by Pastor Ken Hornok*

When we have a traumatic encounter resulting in realizing a new aspect of God, it should have a life changing effect on us. Nothing should be the same after that.

When the prophet Isaiah saw the vision of God and heard the voice of angelic beings, he became aware of the holiness and greatness of God in a transforming way. His assignment from God began a career of ministry that resulted in little during his lifetime but had a powerful impact in the future.

While it may sometimes seem that what we are doing for God has little impact now, gifted though we may be, what matters is our present response of faithfulness to the task given to us. We will never know the effect of our ministry until we look back from eternity. In the words of Winston Churchill,” Never give up, never give up, never, never, never give up.” Or the words of Christ, “Be thou faithful unto death.”

*Until his retirement 5 years ago, Ken Hornok served as pastor of Midvalley Bible for 39 years. Ken and his wife Marcia recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Ken is an excellent preacher and Bible teacher and we are thrilled and grateful that they are part of our church family. We encourage you to be here and invite a friend.







 Photo by Joshua Hanks on Unsplash