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Pastor's Pen

Humility vs. Pride - A life long Struggle

"Humility vs. Pride"  
A life long Struggle

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for being with us on this Lord’s Day.  We trust that you will be blessed as you worship with us.  If you are looking for a church home, please consider making MBC your regular place of worship.  Don’t be afraid to ask us any questions.  We’re here to help.

I often need to remind myself not to become too attached to the things of this world.  They are all passing away.  What matters most is heaven and our eternal destiny.  I love the story about former NBA star Bill Bradley who served as a U. S. Senator from New Jersey for many years. In that position, he had to take some unpopular stands and his constituents were not always happy with him. One irate voter wrote him, “Bradley, I am coming over to you house and I’m going to kill your dog.” Bradley noticed the fellow had actually put his return address on the envelope, so he wrote back, “I don’t have a dog.” A few days later, the UPS truck dropped off a big crate. Inside was a mutt and a note: “Bradley, don’t get too attached to this dog.”

Let’s be reminded not to get too attached!

In the light of His glory and grace,

Pastor Doug