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Next Week’s Message: “Free at Last...Thank God Almighty” Galatians 2:1-10


Next Week’s Message: “Free at Last...Thank God Almighty”

Galatians 2:1-10

Paul knew how precious spiritual freedom is. He knew the price that Jesus paid on
the cross to gain it. He also knew how easy it is to squander that freedom and
return to spiritual bondage.

This is why when Paul got word that the new believers in churches in Galatia were thinking of going back into Judaism, he penned a letterfilled with urgency. They believed the gospel of the cross and the empty tomb.

They had gained true spiritual freedom by putting their faith in Christ crucified and
Christ risen. But now they were under the spell of teachers who wanted to add the
law of Moses to the gospel of Christ. As a result, they were in danger of becoming
enslaved all over again.

Next Sunday we will continue to look at Paul’s defense of freedom.