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Spiritual Victory



Spiritual Victory  

Dear Precious Saints of MBC,

I trust you are doing well and looking forward to Sunday!   
God's desire for His children is for each one to walk in holiness. However, our enemy does not want us to experience daily spiritual victory and knows where to aim his fiery darts.  
Perhaps the greatest obstacle to daily victory over sin is the secret sin in our lives. We justify our bosom sins, keep them hidden and secretly feed them. Hidden sins drain us physically and emotionally. They destroy our witness, ruin our relationships and wound us spiritually.  
On top of all that, Scripture says that we must deal with our sin before God hears our prayers. There is only one way to deal with our secret sin and that is to attack it full force. This is warfare.  
The moment the sinful thought or desire enters the heart or mind,  When we sincerely ask for God's help, He will deliver us.
In the light of His glory and grace,   
Pastor Doug    

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