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Pastor's Pen

Unexpected Wealth


Unexpected Wealth 

Dear Precious Saints of MBC,

I trust you are doing well and looking forward to Sunday.    
William Randolph Hearst was a great publisher who amassed a fortune. In addition to his wealth, he had a vast collection of paintings from around the world. One day he read about a painting and became greatly interested in it. Desperately desiring to own the painting he instructed his people to locate it and purchase the painting. They looked diligently, but were unable to locate its whereabouts. Hearst would frequently ask them about their search, because he wanted to have that painting as his own.

A year later, out of the blue, one of his employees came to him and told him the painting had been found. Hearst, excited about the discovery, asked where it had been all this time. His employee said, "It was in your basement. You've owned it all the time."   Mr. Hearst had never read the ledger that had a record of everything he owned. He did not understand the wealth he already possessed. Many believers operate their lives like that and never understand all the blessings that are available to them.  They neglect the Bible which reveals the riches that are theirs in Christ Jesus. 
In the light of His glory and grace, 
Pastor Doug