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Pastor's Pen

Work: The Reason to Get out of Bed!

Every day you face a choice of going one of two ways. You can go the easy way or the hard way. The easy way is the way of procrastination. It is the way of staying in bed. It is the way of saying it doesn't matter whether I work today or not, it doesn't matter what time I show up at work, it doesn't matter if I check out of here a few minutes early. The easy way is the way of saying the boss isn't around, nobody is seeing me, and it is good enough for government work. The easy way is saying take it easy, slow down, back off, don't have a heart attack. It is saying tomorrow. It is the way of no plans, no forethought, no enthusiasm, no diligence. That is the easy way. It is the soft and cuddly way. It is the pleasurable and luxurious way. It's the way of laziness, the way of the sluggard. It's having a poor work ethic!   Solomon has a great deal to say about work and the attitude we bring to it. Let's talk about that this Sunday.