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Midvalley Bible Church Sermons

Nathan: The Courage to Confront

July 19, 2015 Series: Lesser Knowns... Better Known

Passage: 2 Samuel 11–12

Nathan: The Courage to Confront

In today’s truth-is-relative culture, few are comfortable with calling someone else into account; yet this is precisely what God’s Word calls us to do as Christians. We are to “admonish one another with all wisdom” (Col. 3:16). Colin Brown in the Dictionary of the New Testament defines admonition: “To exert influence upon another (by life and word) to guide him/her into obedience of God’s will as revealed in Scripture. It consists of reminding, warning, counseling, correcting, reproving, and rebuking a person with the intention that he/she will carry it out.” Chip Ingram, President of Walk Thru the Bible says, “Admonition is God’s antibiotic for the church; done Biblically, it is the most loving thing you can do . . . for all concerned.” But how is it to be done? The prophet Nathan had a huge challenge before him when God made him aware of David’s sins with Bathsheba: How do you face the head of a nation with the double accusation of adultery and murder – if you value your own life? His story provides for us a perfect example of how to confront others.


Lesser Knowns… Better Known!

The Bible is filled with the powerful stories of men and women whose lives are not as well known as others. When we get to heaven, it will be very embarrassing to meet these people, or hear their stories and not know who they are. Their events are recorded for a purpose and our growth. This Summer Pastor Doug will lead us in examining some of the lesser known people of the Bible, whose stories really need to be better known.

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