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Midvalley Bible Church Sermons

Dinah: The Massacre at Shechem

July 26, 2015 Series: Lesser Knowns... Better Known

Passage: Genesis 33–34

Dinah: The Massacre at Shechem

The Bible at times provides a painfully accurate account of families that go through crisis after crisis. The story of Dinah in Genesis 34 is one such account as we’re told the sad events of Jacob’s only daughter being violated in the most tragic of ways. That sin is compounded by the actions of her brothers. Jacob’s response is hardly noble: “You have brought trouble on me.” His only concern was that if the Canaanites heard about the slaughter of the Hivites, they would retaliate by attacking his family and wiping it out. To which the brothers reply, “Should he have treated our sister like a prostitute?” No one looks good in this sorry episode. But what were the causes of this ugly episode and why does God allow it to be recorded? This Sunday we will examine this tragic story. There are some powerful lessons for us all to learn.


Lesser Knowns… Better Known!

The Bible is filled with the powerful stories of men and women whose lives are not as well known as others. When we get to heaven, it will be very embarrassing to meet these people, or hear their stories and not know who they are. Their events are recorded for a purpose and our growth. This Summer Pastor Doug will lead us in examining some of the lesser known people of the Bible, whose stories really need to be better known.

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