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Midvalley Bible Church Sermons

Jephthah: The Dangers of a Rash Decision

August 2, 2015 Series: Lesser Knowns... Better Known

Passage: Judges 10–12

Jephthah: The Dangers of a Rash Decision

The book of Judges tells the history of the nation of Israel’s 300 year cycle from obedience to disobedience to oppression to supplication to deliverance and then back to obedience. This happened again and again and God raised up “Judges” to deliver them. One such Judge made a terribly rash decision and vow and paid a profound price. His name is Jephthah and his story is told in Judges 10-12. It is one of the more difficult passages to properly interpret and apply. His story and life is among the “lesser knowns who needs to be better known.”


Lesser Knowns… Better Known!

The Bible is filled with the powerful stories of men and women whose lives are not as well known as others. When we get to heaven, it will be very embarrassing to meet these people, or hear their stories and not know who they are. Their events are recorded for a purpose and our growth. This Summer Pastor Doug will lead us in examining some of the lesser known people of the Bible, whose stories really need to be better known.

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