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Midvalley Bible Church Sermons

Haman: Racial Hatred at its Worst

August 9, 2015 Series: Lesser Knowns... Better Known

Passage: Esther 1–10

Haman: Racial Hatred at its Worst!

Have you ever been the object of prejudice? Maybe you were discriminated against on the job or in the neighborhood or marketplace. It gives you a sick feeling. Today, the worst thing you can call someone is a racist. Sadly, some people toss that term around freely against anyone who disagrees with them. Racial hatred and prejudice can take many different forms. It can be subtle and secretive or it can be blatant and obvious. None of us would ever want to be accused of discriminating and being prejudicial. Tucked away in the book Esther is a man who exhibited racial hatred. As his story unfolds there are scores of lessons to learn about this most ugly and vicious of sins. In light of today’s racial environment, this Sunday’s message is one we all need to hear and apply.


Lesser Knowns… Better Known!

The Bible is filled with the powerful stories of men and women whose lives are not as well known as others. When we get to heaven, it will be very embarrassing to meet these people, or hear their stories and not know who they are. Their events are recorded for a purpose and our growth. This Summer Pastor Doug will lead us in examining some of the lesser known people of the Bible, whose stories really need to be better known.

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