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Midvalley Bible Church Sermons

From Poverty to Riches. Introduction to the Sermon on the Mount

February 7, 2016 Series: The Beatitudes

Topic: Sermon on the Mount overview Passage: Matthew 5:1–5:12

From Poverty to Riches
Matthew 5:1-12
Jesus preached many sermons during his three years of ministry, but none is more famous than His Sermon on the Mount. What makes it so appealing, as is true with all of Jesus’ teaching, is that it is clear and straight-forward. When it came to clear communication, Jesus was a master. Children and adults alike had no difficulty understanding His words or following His reasoning. His sermon was really an informal hillside chat presented in a reasonable and thoughtful manner. This morning we want to look at the beginning of that “talk” where Jesus delivers what has become known as simply “The Beatitudes.” Listen closely.


I. The Setting for the Sermon on the Mount:

o Jesus Preached this Sermon more than once

o It is hardly a full fledge sermon

o It was unlike anything His audience had ever heard

II. The Nature of this Sermon:

A. The Beatitudes contain the “Sacred Paradoxes” of Scripture.

B. The Opinions and views of the Christian differ radically form the non-Christian.

C. The sermon tells us about the nature of true religion.

D. The Beatitudes describe what every Christian is to be like.

E. The Qualities are supernatural in nature.

F. The 8 Beatitudes follow the same pattern:

The Congratulations
The Cause
The Consequence

G. The Beatitudes are not in conflict with Grace.


(This outline is provided to assist you in understanding and applying this morning’s message. First in a series of messages on the Beatitudes. This message is available on line at www.MidvalleyBible.org MBC 2/7/2016)