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Midvalley Bible Church Sermons

God's Gentlemen

February 28, 2016 Series: The Beatitudes

Topic: The meek will inherit the earth Passage: Matthew 5:5

God’s Gentlemen
Matthew 5:5
The third beatitude spoken by our Lord must have been received by the people of that day with shocked silence. They were not much different from the people we know today. To most men and women the association of an earthly inheritance with gentleness or meekness seems incredible. And yet Jesus says that it is those who are gentle who will share in His kingdom. This morning we want to examine this third beatitude and see it’s outworking in the lives of Moses, Jesus Christ, and us today

Introduction: Elements of a Good Sermon


I. The Relationship of Gentleness to Poor in Spirit and Mourning:

A. Blessed are the poor in spirit... - Confession

B. Blessed are those who mourn... - Contrition

C. Blessed are the gentle... How we ___________ to ___________ people.

II. What is Gentleness?

A. It’s Importance

B. It’s Meaning

C. It’s Old Testament Counterpart: Psalm 37

III. The Gentlest of Men: Moses

A. God’s Evaluation of his life

B. Moses’ Marriage

C. His Sibling’s Criticism

D. God’s Defense

Application and closing Questions:

When confronted with the truth I _____________________?

When challenged about my faith, I’m _____________________?

When others are caught in sin, I __________________________?

When others wrong me or I don’t get my way, I __________________?

(This outline is provided to assist you in understanding and applying this morning’s message. Fourth in a series of messages on the Beatitudes. This message is available on line at www.MidvalleyBible.org MBC 2/28/2016)