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Midvalley Bible Church Sermons

Purity of Heart - Purity of Life

March 20, 2016 Series: The Beatitudes

Topic: Blessed are the pure of heart Passage: Matthew 5:8

Purity of Heart - Purity of Life
Matthew 5:8
The sixth beatitude is one of those rare passages of the Word of God whose depth are immeasurable and whose breath impossible to encompass. The subject of holiness or purity of heart, can be traced from Genesis to Revelation. The theme of holiness is infinitely vast and touches on virtually every other biblical truth. Time restraints this morning make it impossible to exhaust the meaning and significance of this sixth beatitude, however, an effort to grasps its relevancy to our lives will be made. Listen closely.

Introduction: A look at our World’s Values System

I. The Beatitude Itself:

A. “Blessed”
B. “Heart”
C. “Pure”

II. It’s Contrast with the World:

A. “Blessed are those who are ____________.

B. “Blessed are those who ______________ their religion.

C. “Blessed are those who genuinely engage in _________ deeds.

III. Why Does the Heart Need to be Pure?

IV. What Does it Mean?

A. He who is pure in heart mourns over the _____________ of his heart.

B. Pure _________ not merely ___________.

C. They serve God with the ___________ of their heart.

D. They ________ sin.

V. How Do we Achieve it?

A. A General Reminder: God will not __________ something of us without giving us the _________ to achieve it!

B. The Means:

1. The ________ of God (Psalm 119:40, John 17:17).

2. By _________ and ________ with those who are _________ (Proverbs 13:20).

3. By dealing ruthlessly with whatever tends to defile your _________ (Matthew 5:29-30)

4. By fixing your eyes and energy on __________ (Hebrews 12:1-2).

5. By Prayer!

VI. Why Even Bother?

(This outline is provided to assist you in understanding and applying this morning’s message. Seventh in a series of messages on the Beatitudes. This message is available on line at www.MidvalleyBible.org MBC 3/20/2016)