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Midvalley Bible Church Sermons

Making Peace in a Warring World

April 3, 2016 Speaker: Series: The Beatitudes

Topic: blessed are the peace makers Passage: Matthew 5:9

Making Peace in a Warring World
Matthew 5:9
A few years back pollster George Gallup surveyed Americans on the top five questions they would most like to ask God. The list included the following question: "Will there ever be lasting world peace?" It's a fitting question to ask as we look back over the last 100 years. Historians tell us that the last century was the bloodiest in world history. More people have died because of warfare than in any other century since the dawn of the human race. As President Eisenhower once said, we have become a race of intellectual giants and moral pygmies. Despite our great technological advances, we continue to devise more efficient means of killing each other. Many appeal to the seventh beatitude to make peace among people. But is the cessation of war between nations what this beatitude is talking about? Is Jesus talking about us working to all "get along?" This Sunday we want to examine this beatitude in detail.

Introduction: The Warring World in Which We Live!

I. The Beatitude’s Meaning

A. What it does not mean:

B. What it means:

II. The Maker of Peace: God’s Son the Lord Jesus Christ

A. Romans 5:1 “…we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ”

B. Ephesians 2:14ff “…He (Jesus Christ) is our peace.”

C. Colossians 1:26 “…making peace through His blood shed on the cross.”

III. The Messengers: 2 Corinthians 5:18-20

A. We’ve made peace with God.

B. We lead others to make peace with God.

C. We help others make peace with one another by:

· Not giving an offense to others
· Avoiding conflicts that lead to strife
· Abstaining from taking offense
· Intervening with Gentleness and Meekness

D. We endeavor to find a point of agreement.

IV. The Merits: We are called the Sons of God

Conclusion: Have you made peace with God?

(This outline is provided to assist you in understanding and applying this morning’s message. Eighth in a series of messages on the Beatitudes. This message is available on line at www.MidvalleyBible.org MBC 4/3/2016)