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Midvalley Bible Church Sermons

The Most Quoted Verse in the Bible

June 5, 2016 Speaker: Series: God's Greatest Hits

Topic: God's love for the world demonstrated through His greatest gift Passage: John 3:16

The Most Well Known Verse in the Bible
John 3:16
For many, the first verse we committed to memory was John 3:16. We see it in the stands on posters at sporting events; athletes have written it on their shoes and people use it to share their faith. There's a good reason for it to be the most quoted verse in the Bible: It gives a summary of the gospel like no other verse. This morning we will look carefully at this verse as we prepare ourselves for our observance of the Lord's Table.

INTRODUCTION: “Rock n Rollen”


A. The Context for the Story

· Evangelism
· The object: Nicodemus
· The Evangelist: Jesus

B. Its Importance today: Jesus is talking to a man well versed in his religion: But He’s Lost!
C. The “Implied” Question: “What do I do to inherit the kingdom of God?”
D. Jesus’ Answer: “You can’t do a thing – Salvation is a gift received by faith!”

E. Christ’s Summary of the Gospel

Man’s Danger: Perishing

o Under the wrath of God
o Fiery torment
o Separation from the glory of God
o Everlasting and Irreversible

God’s Design: In love He sent His “one and only” son!

Our Duty: Believe - It links us to God

o An ongoing condition of the heart and mind
o Jesus is the object and focus of our belief
o Agreeing with the objective truth about Christ
o Satisfaction with all that God is for you in Christ

Our Destiny: Eternal Life!

· Eternal life NOW and not just for the future: John 5:24
· It’s Personal
· Not Interrupted at Death
· Made complete at the Resurrection
· Lasts forever and ever!


(This outline is provided to assist you in understanding and applying this morning’s message. Fifth in a series of messages on The Most.. Additional space is provided for notes. CD’s of this message are available through the Church or on line: MidvalleyBibleChurch.com MBC 6/5/16)

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